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Introducing the Rasberry Audio Jam 601 Restaurant/Outdoor IP66 Speakers – where innovation meets impeccable sound for the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. With a powerful 6.5" WF+1" HF two-way unit, these speakers redefine your auditory experience in any setting.

Key Features:

Impressive Audio Precision: Immerse yourself in a rich audio experience delivered by the 6.5" WF+1" HF two-way unit, ensuring a harmonious blend of clarity and depth.

Weatherproof Design (IP66): Designed to endure the elements, the Jam 601 boasts an IP66 rating, making it resilient against dust and water. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, these speakers are ideal for restaurants, patios, or any space where durability is crucial.

Versatile Application: Elevate the ambiance of your restaurant or outdoor space with the versatile Jam 601. Whether you're entertaining guests or creating a soothing atmosphere, these speakers deliver exceptional audio quality.

Compact yet Powerful: Despite its compact size, the Jam 601 packs a punch with a powerful sound profile, making it an excellent choice for spaces where aesthetics and performance are equally valued.

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate the Jam 601 into your existing audio system. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free setup, allowing you to enjoy premium audio without complications.

Transform your surroundings with the Rasberry Audio Jam 601 Restaurant/Outdoor IP66 Speakers, where form meets function for an unparalleled auditory experience. Redefine your soundscapes with these speakers that bring style and performance together effortlessly.



Jam 601

    • 1.6.5 "WF+1" HF two-way unit

      2. Tweeter: 1 × 6.5 "(35mm voice coil) driver compression unit

      3. Woofers: 1 × 25mm voice coil compression drive unit

      4. Frequency response: 95Hz-17KHz (±3dB)

      5. Rated power: 60W (continuous) 240W (peak)

      6. Sensitivity: 93dB (1W/1M)

      7. Sound pressure level: 117dB (at 1m)

      8. Nominal impedance: 8Ω

      9.12.5/25/50W @ 100V/8Ω inputs

      10.4-position grid format terminal wiring

      11.With safety cord

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