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Our BeatBlitz speakers are strategically placed throughout the gym to ensure uniform audio coverage. These speakers are specially designed to deliver high-fidelity sound with deep bass, providing an energizing audio experience. They are also equipped with LED lights that sync with the music, enhancing the visual appeal of the gym.

Gym Audio System

BeatBlitz Speakers


Beatblitz Subwoofer

Introducing the BeatBlitz Subwoofer, a commanding force in low-frequency audio reproduction. With a robust 1×18" LF (Low-Frequency) driver, this subwoofer delivers a thunderous bass experience, spanning a frequency range from 20Hz to 500Hz. Boasting an 8Ω impedance, 101dB sensitivity (1W at 1m), and a maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 136dB, it offers unparalleled power and efficiency. Crafted with precision engineering, the LF driver features a substantial 1×18" cone with a Φ 100mm voice coil, ensuring accurate and impactful low-frequency performance. The BeatBlitz Subwoofer, weighing 45kg and measuring 675 × 510 × 775mm, is designed for both professional applications and enthusiast setups, promising a compact yet colossal addition to any audio experience.

Rasberry Audio Gym Subwoofer.jpg

Centralised Control Center

The HarmonyHub Control Center serves as the nerve center for gym staff. It provides an intuitive interface to manage and control the entire audio solution. Staff can adjust volume levels, schedule different playlists for specific workout classes, and troubleshoot any audio-related issues efficiently.

This comprehensive gym audio solution, with its synchronized components, aims to elevate the overall workout experience by combining immersive sound, interactive visuals, and personalized options for gym enthusiasts.

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